Gigil is a town in Nakuru County; it is located along Nairobi Nakuru highway, between Nakuru and Naivasha town. The town is situated towards the west of river Gilgil that empties Lake Naivasha to the south.

The main industries in the area are agricultural based industries. There were other industries such as telecommunications within the town but was closed down. At the neighboring, there are other industries such Gilgil Diatomite industries that manufacture diatomite (located to the west along the Gilgil-Nakuru road) and Ndume Farm Machineries industries that manufacture farm tools (mainly ploughs and maize milling machines). At its surrounding, about five kilometers away to Northwest, there is Kenya Defence Forces barracks (KDF) the command center of Kenya Police Service's Anti-Stock-Theft unit as well as towards the west of the town is the command center of the National Youth Service. These two command center have contributed to the economy growth of the town.

The town is a tourist’s destination due to the neighboring tourist attraction sites such as Lake Elementaita that is located along Nairobi Nakuru Highway to the northwest of the town and Kariandusi Prehistoric Site.

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