Nakuru town is located in Nakuru county, towards north west of the capital city of Kenya. It is the fourth largest town in Kenya after Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. It lies at an altitude of about 1856 metres above the sea level. According to census data of 2009, Nakuru urban centre is said to have a population of 307,990. The name Nakuru was derived from maasai tribe. The maasai called the place Nakurro which means the ‘dust place’.

Nakuru urban gained its municipality in the year 1952 after receiving its status of township in 1904. It was once stated to be the cleanest town in entire East-Africa. Nakuru town is surrounded by learning center with a number of educational institution as well agricultural farms.

At the southern edge of Nakuru town, one can get Lake Nakuru which is a shallow soda lake. The lake is known for a large number of flamingos. The town is a trade Centre, transportation hub as well as agricultural city to all Kenyans.

The town has a hospitable and a cool climate. It was once ranked by UN to be the the fastest growing city in Africa. The town is still growing and has superb transport system, excellent hotels facilities. It has several interesting viewing sites. Nakuru town hosts people from different tribes and races.

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