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How to start a barber shop in Kenya and beyond

For you to get into the barbering business you have first to get trained or gain expertise on how to go about it. If you are passionate about cutting hair and making people feel good, it can be a very rewarding career.

So if you are competent follow the following steps to become a successful barber.

Step 1: Get trained

Like we discussed above, first you will need to get trained on how to cut hair. You can ever compromise on this step since this will be the genesis of your success. How good you are at something will determine how far you go. Most beauty schools offer this course at an affordable fee. You can as well consider hiring a trained barber.

Step 2: Find a good location

A good location is key to any business growth. Everyone wants to find there preferred barber with ease. If you are renting the premises some owners might ask for a good will. Others may not so the cost will largely depend on your preferred location. You need to research well and do comparisons. Then finally make a decision.

Step 3: Design your shop

Call a designer or an artist to help in decorating and organizing the equipment’s on the shop. You need to make the place very attractive. The designer should have an eye for color. Make sure the colors blend in well to bring out that feel good mood.

Step 4: Apply for licenses

If you are in Kenya you need to apply for a single business permit from your count of operation. The cost may vary from county to county.

Step 5: Buy the required equipment

The barber shop must have the right equipment for it to run smoothly.

         They include:-

  •   Basic barber chairs
  •   WAHL Clippers
  •   Equipment Sterilizer
  •   Sink Seat
  •   Cosmetic Products
  •   Fabric sheets, towels, apron
  •   Hair Style Charts
  •   Waiting or Lounge Chairs
  •   Water heating & storage
  •   Backup Generator
  •   Entertainment System

You can source all of those locally or you can even buy them online.

Step 6: Build a clientele

The main sure way of acquiring and maintaining clients is by offering excellent services. They say the customer is always right so all you do is listen and give into their wishes of course if you can. Ensure the shop is neat and clean. Maintain high standards of hygiene as well.  

How to start a successful salon business in Nakuru county

A beauty salon can also be referred to as a beauty parlor or even beauty shop. It mostly deals with cosmetic treatments for men and women. Hair salons and spas as well fall under this category. There is a difference, between beauty salon and hair salon; beauty salons provide services mostly related to skin health, facial aesthetic, foot care, nail manicures etc. But hair salons mainly focus on hair coloring, plaiting, weaving etc. I know maybe the reason you are reading this is because you want to start a successful salon business. It’s advisable you start small, build clientele and grow gradually. If salon is your kinda business keep reading as I will take through what it takes to be successful in the salon business.

1. Start now, start where you are;

Sometimes we wait for so long, because we think a time will come and we will feel ready to get started, the truth you will never feel ready. So all you have to do is get started wherever you are and with what you have and grow gradually. If your services are good, word goes by very fast and within a short period of time you have built credible clientele.

2. it’s all about hard work

At the beginning you have to prepare yourself for a tough job. Mostly the owner works beyond extra mile, you have to be willing to work overtime to get your business off the ground. Sometimes your staff may not understand the kind of dedication you have but you have to face and put in the work to ensure your clients get the best services ever. Someone once told me you have to work hard before you can work smart.

3. Be wise when choosing your team

When you build the people, the people will build the business. That said, you need to be very wise when choosing your time. Everyone onboard has to understand what core value the business stands for. For them to be committed to the vision of the business they have to feel appreciated as well. If you choose a lousy team then they will offer lousy services and vice versa happens if you choose professionals who have a passion for what they and not just following money.

4. Avoid taking a big loan to start the business

A lot of business advisers tell us that it’s always a good idea to finance your own business startup. Yes I know you want the salon to look very posh and attractive but sometime this can end up draining you financially. If you are starting the business by a way of taking a bank loan then you have to be very careful on how you spend every coin. I know you might think am pessimistic but taking risks also means taking calculated risks. Invest wisely always.

5. Do research when it comes to pricing

It’s always a smart thing to research how other salons charge for their services before doing the final price list. This ensures that you don’t over price or under price because both scenarios will have either a positive impact or a negative one. So my advice is you offer quality services accompanied by affordable and fair prices.

6. Strategic location is important!

When starting a salon business, Location is Key. You need people to reach you fast and with ease. Don’t ever underestimate this fact. Get a good location will contribute to business growth but of course it has to accompanied by good services

7. Listen to the customer keenly.

Before you can even jump in to offer your professional advice first listen to what the client wants. This will make him/her feel valued because most of the time especially in salon business we feel we know much of what the customer needs and this can be dangerous for a startup. So, listen, understand and then proceed to negotiate with the client until a conclusion is reached. This tip alone can keep more clients streaming in coz we all hate to be ignored. 8. Best of luck my friend. Salon business can be so rewarding but its time consuming as well, so get ready psychologically and prepare for an exciting adventure. Always remember if you can dream then you can achieve it. Shine all the way to the top and never stop learning.  

Becoming a fashion a Fashion Designer

Fashion design is mostly influenced by cultural and social attitudes which varies from place to place. Fashion designers must be very creative to bring their work to the market and most of the times they have to adapt and cope with varied and ever changing taste and preferences of their consumers. For this, they have to conduct a fashion research on different trends before they introduce them to their preferred audience. Fashion designers put into consideration, the functions or occassions the garments or accessories will be worn on. They have a wide range of combination materials which go hand in hand with the prepared garments. Although it isn’t a must you go to design school to study design, that doesn’t mean it’s a easy path. To become a competent designer, you must possess drawing, sewing and design skills as well as knowledge of the fashion industry. You must also understand or have the knowledge of business and finance in general. So this is what you need to do become a real fashion designer.

1. Grow your skills

Being a fashion designer or becoming one, means you have to possess various skills like drawing, good with colors and texture, be able to visualize things in different ways as well as you must know how to sew and be able to cut all types of fabrics.

For starters:

  • Get trained on how to sew properly if still don’t know how to do it. This is the basis of any fashion and design career, most people think they can be designers without learning how to sew, but that’s where they fail. To communicate a new design well to even your team you must know how to sew very well.
  • Get to know how fabrics move, drape, breath or react when worn. Your knowledge of fabrics will ensure you don’t waste too much of it when designing.
  • Get to know existing designers and see what you can learn from them. Who knows you can learn a thing or two  Get to social media and learn about trends, find inspiration from different things or places
  • Start now, even if you are under 18 years of age, get ready for an amazing career ahead and devote your precious time in learning and perfecting our craft.

2. Increase your knowledge

As we all know, knowledge is power, and the more you learn the more you earn. So it makes a lot of sense if go get more certification on fashion and design.

3. Apply for an internship

This will help you practice more of what you learned in real.If you interact with industry professionals this will help you get more contacts in future.

4. Decide which designing field is of your interest

AS you grow and gain more experience you will realize maybe you love more designing field than the others. So here is where you make a decision, because this will make you focus more on your area of interest and eventually it will translate to increased professionalism. So whether it is Haute couture, ready to wear, fitness/leisure gear etc… just decide and get on it. You can as well experiment and mix them all together but it’s always advisable you at least wait until you feel your ground.

5. Get familiar with the business side of fashion.

Being successful in fashion and design is all round; it not only involves both talent and creativity but also a sound knowledge of the business and marketing aspects of the fashion world. Stay updated about the happenings of the fashion world.

6. Never stop learning

The only time you stop learning is when you die, be flexible enough to change to adapt new ways of doing things. Keep learning new designs that are trending every day. You will have an amazing career if you so believe.  

Starting a cosmetic business in Kenya

Congratulations on your intentions to start a cosmetic store. It’s a lucrative business which can be started from any location. You can choose to launch your own brand or you can start as a franchise of a reputed existing brand and also you can start with online store. It’s good to note that all of this approaches has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, an online store will reduce the business infrastructure cost; a franchise opportunity allows you to enjoy already existing laid down procedure of a parent company while starting your brand will allow you to enjoy higher profit margins and maybe later on future you can start offering franchise.

1. How well do you know the product?

First you must have some previous acquired knowledge on how cosmetic and make up works. An education background in cosmetology is an added advantage. If you lack this formal training don’t panic as we live in internet times. You can study online by yourself; there is tons of information and tutorials about makeup and cosmetics on the internet.

2. Decide the cosmetic line

The cosmetic industry is so broad with a lot of cosmetic brands in the market. Some are herbal, organic or ayurvedic. The industry itself caters a broad segment which includes make up range, hair products, skin products and others. When starting your own line, its always a decision to concentrate on a particular audience and then advance as you grow.

3. Work on your Business plan

You can’t avoid this step if you want to launch a successful business. This will serve as a guideline on how you will achieve your business goals. You must outline your short term and long term goals. It has to be as detailed as possible. Include your marketing strategy and how you will compete with other cosmetics stores. You will also have to craft a financial plan, which will include the capital investment, cash flow and expected rate of return.

4. Get the required licenses and permits

This is very important, you don’t want to run a business without license otherwise your business might be deemed illegal. Depending on your location, pay the officials a visit and apply for the licenses. You can as well consider insurance as skin care products can be very sensitive.

5. Secure Finance

There are lots options to finance your cosmetic business. In Nakuru county for example you can finance it from your own savings, you can get a loan from the bank or Sacco etc. You just need to see which one fits you and then proceed.

6. Get a location

Not unless you are considering an online cosmetic store, you must decide on the location of your business. In Nakuru or anywhere else in Kenya you can lease or rent a stall on a good location and then set up your business. This will reduce the initial set up costs. A good location will also contribute to the growth of the business as customers will be able to reach it with ease.

7. Hire employees and get started

Hire professional and experienced employees. Make sure they understand your business values. Someone once told me, you build the people and the people will build the business. Never compromise on this part.

8. Market your store.

Tell your customers why they need to buy from you and not your competitors. Promote your key selling points. You can even consider promoting it in a local newspaper and fashion magazine. Outdoor advertising can be great too.  

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