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Starting a successful cake baking business in Kenya

So you always make those amazing birthday cakes? And I guess you are intending to turn your hobby into a booming business; many successful baker owners started off as solo entrepreneurs who believed in their talents and were courageous enough to follow their passions. If you combine your baking skills with the following tips then my friend you will be on your way to success. I assume you are already a competent baker, because your success in this industry will largely depend on how competent you are. If you think you are falling short of this fact then you can hire someone and learn as you go. In Kenya this is a very lucrative business. So here is how to go about this business..

1. What kind of bakery would like to open

Depending on your abilities and preferences, you will have to decide on which type of shop you will like to open. Will bake cookies only or cupcakes or jus pies? Will focus on wedding cakes or birthday cakes or will combine and bake cakes for all occasions? You need to conduct a research as and make an informed decision. While at this stage as well, you need to determine if you will start with a real physical store or you will open an online store. If you choose to start with an online store, you will be required to have a killer website, whereby you can showcase your work and clients can place order online. With the internet usage increasing largely in Kenya, you can make money online with just a nice Facebook page.

2. Write a business plan

Now that you are fully aware of the kind of bakery you want to open, the next step is to draw or create a business plan. The plan should be as detailed as possible, you need to outline your business goals. How are you going to raise revenue? What are your expenses? Who is your competition? What is your target niche? Answering these questions will make you understand how you will execute your business goals. While at this stage, think extensively about your startup cost. You will have to list down the equipment’s and appliances needed to operate a cake business or bakery. Things like ovens, refrigerators, pans, mixers etc.. Something also to consider at this stage is operating cost, the business will not or might not be an instant hit so while you are working to make it bigger and better, you will be required to pay rent if you operating on a rented premises, pay employees etc.. so it’s a smart thing to prepare for this bit.

3. Shop for space

Not unless you are operating from home, you must think about a public place whereby you can have your customers walk in and purchase your baked products. Space is rare and expensive in Nairobi especially within the CBD. In other towns like Nakuru, Mombasa or Kisumu space might be relatively cheaper but its not guaranteed. It will all go down to how much you willing to spend so conduct research and make an informed decision.

4. Get licensed

Depending on your county, you must get licensed to operate a business. The most common license is single business permit. It cost between Ksh.15000 to 20,000 .You must as well get a certification of food handling from the ministry of health in your county.

5. Work on your pricing

Pricing will largely depend on a number of factors, like the time you took in preparation, decoration, packaging etc.. Other bakers price depending on the price the suppliers sold to them in retail. So its up to you to come with your own pricing strategy. But you must not forget despite enjoying your craft you are in it to make and enjoy profits. So combine great work with reasonable prices.

6.Get started.

Congratulations my friend. The only way to get successful is to get started. To start a business is a leap of faith. It’s not for the fainthearted but the strong ones willing to go through fire to get to the top of their game. Keep learning every day and always remain grateful.  

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