Hyrax Hill Museum situated within the town of Nakuru in Nakuru County.  It represents the way of life of the periodic settlement by early people at a minimum of three thousand years.

Various sites around the Hyrax Hill belong to numerous periods of time. The earliest discoveries date back to the time of Neolithic. One evidence in base beach sands which a lake of fresh water once  stretched right to the hill’s base making the hill to an island or peninsular. About 8500 years back, the mighty early lake is said to occupy the valley from Lake Elementaita to Nakuru. This is traced at Hyrax Hill, Gables cave, Wakumi burial place among others places.

The museum is said to have been former colonial farmhouse. Early homes of Sirikwa individuals now dead are gotten in-situ of which the oldest date three thousand years and the youngest dates three hundred years. The Hyrax Hill museum displays the Rift Valley people’s ethnographic matters.

Additional attractions found within the site are;

  • Picnic Site
  • Nature Trail
  • Tortoise Pit
  • Camping Site
  • Lake Nakuru Picturesque View

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