It is a fresh water lake, in Nakuru County that form part of Great Rift Valley. The lake is located on the north west of the capital city of Kenya Nairobi. The name means rough water that is derived from maasai word Nai’posha.

Lake Naivasha is around 139km2 and it is said to be the highest lake among the rift valley lakes (1884m high). The lake’s deepest part is at Crescent Island with about 100 ft (30 m) depth.

In early days, Njorowa Gorge was the outlet of Lake Naivasha, but today is found at high beyond the water level of the lake and thus forms the gate to the National park of Hell’s Gate. Lately, Lake Naivasha has no visible outlet but being a fresh water lake, it is expected to have underground outlets.

The lake has different types of wildlife with around 400 birds species, sizeable number of hippos in it, the lake also has two other Lakes in its vicinity namely Lake Sonachi (or a green crater lake) and Lake Oloiden.

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