Mt Longonot is located in Nakuru County in Kenya, towards the southeast of Lake Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley. Longonot means steep ridges or maountains of many spurs; it was derived from a maasai name oloonong'ot.

The mount is guard by the KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) as part of the national park of Mount Longonot. It is surrounded by a 3.1KM trail up to the rim of the crater and proceeds in a 7.2km ring loop surrounding the crater.

The floor of the crater is covered by small trees and the crater walls are surrounded with small steam openings. Different varieties of wildlife are found in this mountain such as African leopards, buffaloes, plains zebra, hartebeest, bushbucks, lion, eland, Thomson’s gazelle, Grant’s gazelle,  and giraffe among others.

The main tourists’ attraction includes;

  • crater forest and Extinct volcano,
  • Lake Naivasha views,
  • Mount Eburru,
  • scenic landscape,
  • the Great Rift Valley
  • Mount Suswa

Visitors may enjoy activities such as birds watching, Biking, Wildlife watching, and Hiking on the mountain.

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