Lake Nakuru is located to the south of the Nakuru Town and is protected by National Park of Lake Nakuru. It has thousands and at times millions of flamingos whose well line the shore. Others species of birds are found in the area such as Verreaux's eagle, hamerkop, Goliath heron, pied kingfisher, African fish eagle,  as do the baboons, Kenya cheetah, African leopards warthogs, maasai lions, waterbuck, giraffes and others large mammals. Southern white Rhinos and eastern black Rhinos were also introduced to the park.

The park also has view-points such Baboon cliff, Out of Africa, Lion hill. The hills include Lion hill ridge, Enasoit, Honeymoon and The waterfalls such as Makalia.

The lake Nakuru National park was introduced in 1961 as a small park entailing the most famous Lake Nakuru and the surrounding mountains. It later extended to entail the savannas’ large part.

In early1990s, the level water of Lake Nakuru dropped dramatically. In 2013, the lake water level raised which caused the flamingos to migrate to Lake Bogoria for food search.

Tourists can enjoy wide ecological variety as well as varied habitats such as picturesque ridges, escarpment, Lake Nakuru. The park is also an ideal place for game drives, picnic, and hiking.

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