Olorgesailie Prehistoric site is found in Nakuru County, along Magadi road, just about seventy kilometres from Nairobi (the capital city of Kenya). It is one of the world fame as a factory of stone tools and it is the leading site with highest number.

The accumulations and the prominence of the human tools symbolizes the actual camping site of the prehistoric people and the evidence which being species had a hot origin. Olorgesailie Prehistoric site is within a Lake base that is said to have existed around 100,000 – 200,000 years back.

Dr. and Mrs Laekey, researchers, began research about this site in 1942 where they got main signs, which, concerns the activities and habits of the early prehistoric men of the hand axe or Acheuleus culture. Olorgesailie has well maintained cultural and biological evidence about the man’s evolution.

Additional attractions found within the site are;

  • Bird watching
  • Mountain climbing
  • Museum and site
  • Picnic site
  • Camp site
  • Baboon camp
  • nature trail

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